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Elfland by Freda Warrington


‘A real page-turner and a very magical book… Even the most jaded fantasy reader will quickly fall under the spell of her characters and the warm, intimate voice Warrington uses to tell us their stories. Highly recommended.’ – Charles de Lint

‘Sensuous and intense – buy it, read it, love it!’ – Melanie Rawn 

A Quick Bio 

Hi – I’m the author of eighteen (so far) novels of fantasy, supernatural, historical and vampire fiction.  My new novel ELFLAND will be published by Tor (US) in August 2009. I will be adding pages with more info about Elfland and my other books, but meanwhile here’s a taster of the book and a bit about me…

ELFLAND is a contemporary fantasy that imagines our everyday world as it might be, peopled both by humans and by Aetherials, an ancient race from the Spiral (their name for the Otherworld) who live secretly among us. It’s the story of Rosie Fox, and her family’s tangled relationships with the aloof, sinister Wilders of Stonegate Manor; the tormented Lawrence Wilder and his sons, Jon and Sam. Rosie falls in love with the alluring Jon; she is plagued by his notorious brother Sam, who’s always in trouble. Torn between living a ‘normal’ life in the human world, or surrendering to her wild, Aetherial instincts, Rosie makes a disastrous choice that leads to tragedy…

I was born in Leicester, UK, and have spent most of my life in and around the beautiful Charnwood Forest area which inspired an early feel for magic, atmosphere and story-telling. I went to Loughborough High School then studied graphic design at Loughborough College of Art. I worked in medical illustration and graphics for some years, but I’d been writing from the age of five – pony stories at first, followed by fantasy as I discovered Tolkien, Lewis, Moorcock, Tanith Lee and many others.

My first novel A Blackbird in Silver was published in 1986, to be followed by another seventeen (so far), including Dracula the Undead (a sequel to Dracula, Penguin 1997 and Severn House, 2009), A Taste of Blood Wine, Dark Cathedral, The Amber Citadel, and The Court of the Midnight King – a fantasy based on the life of the controversial King Richard III.

Immanion Press have recently released my earlier novels as A Blackbird in Silver Darkness and A Blackbird in Amber Twilight. The covers are fabulous! And Severn House will be releasing Dracula the Undead in hardback this year, too.

Now I live in a small Leicestershire town with my mum and my husband, Mike, and I’m working on a second book for Tor, MIDSUMMER NIGHT.

You can visit my website at and my blog here or at


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