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Elfland, at last!

ELFLAND comes out on Tuesday (18th August) – it’s been such a long wait, I can hardly believe it’s here at last! I haven’t yet actually received any advance copies! They are probably somewhere in the postal system, but it’s more than a little frustrating… I’m longing to see the finished book, and won’t quite believe it’s real until I do. Meanwhile, I’ve been asked to do several on-line interviews or articles, so that’s all good.

I’ve been working hard to design myself a new website. Probably anyone sensible would pay a professional to do it, but that would a) cost too much and b) not help me understand how these things are done. I created my original website with a very basic WYSIWYG programme and zero knowledge of html. It’s probably a good job AOL decided to send all their members’ websites to the crusher as it’s forced me to design something better. Well, I now have a basic knowledge of CSS – that is, I know how it should work – but I can’t always make it work, so I’ve had to resort to a more primitive method of layout in order to get any kind of site up at all! Oh well. My streamlined, sophisticated site mark 3 will have to wait until I actually know what I’m doing…

Spent all morning trimming bushes and trying to tidy up the tiny jungle that is our garden. I’m now knackered. My sore shoulder is even more sore. Aargh. But we saw a baby goldfinch this morning, a very vocal, demanding fledgling, being fed by its dad!


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