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An article I wrote, about the writing of Elfland and thoughts on writing in general, has appeared on the BSC Review website… you can view it here.

I’ve been working on my vampire short story today, getting incredibly distracted when a bit of information I needed (about inheritance laws in 1800s Ireland) took way too long to discover… I’m not even sure now of the answer. With the whole net at our fingertips, why is finding out a tiny snippet of information so darn difficult?!? I was also distracted by the appearance, during a downfall of rain, of a great big frog on our lawn. Beautiful!

So Henry Allingham, one of the last WWI veterans, has died. Sad, sad, sad. Apparently he was the world’s oldest man, and it’s strange to think that if my gran was still alive (she died in1984) she would have been 109… still four years younger than Henry Allingham! Last Remembrance Day I saved the picture of the three surviving veterans from the paper, because I knew it was a historic scene that wouldn’t be repeated. I think there is only one British veteran left now, Harry Patch.


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